Strategic Achievements

Navigating the world of special needs can be a difficult and daunting experience. Strategic Achievements can help to make that world more accessible using a holistic approach. The services we provide are unmatched and help individuals live a life they want and deserve, businesses thrive and attorneys prosper.


– We can help improve executive functioning and redefine family roles in the home.
– We assist you in navigating through the complicated realm of NYS Special Education, Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and Office of Mental Health & Hygiene (OMH).
– We help our families understand how to read learning plans like IFSP/IEP/IEE’s, life plans, and the services you or your child may be eligible to receive.
– We provide you with resources, classes, services and programs that are fit for your specific needs using a holistic approach.
– Our families receive recommendations and tools on the spot!
On-going follow-ups and check-ins
– Virtual and in-person services available, and more!
Open To The Public Where All Are Welcome!


– We help you build an accessible, inclusive and diversified workforce. Let us help you gain equity for your business by building a true acceptance environment for all, improving culture and performance.
– Learn how to go beyond your state’s standards of reasonable accommodations making your organization a desirable place to work!
– We give you a summary of findings, tangible tools and strategies, trainings, recommendations and more!

– Team building exercises for your workforce!
– Receive customizable and supportive on-going follow-ups and check-ins to ensure your company’s progress


Consultation and education regarding a vast variety of diagnoses, benefits and entitlements, special education, state and federal regulations, links to resources of services for you and your clients and more!
– Conduct forensic reviews and provide fact finding reports that help support your cases.
– Testimony provided upon court order as your supportive expert witness.
– We can also work directly with your family clientele in order to guarantee they are receiving all services and benefits their child may be eligible for!
– We work with all attorneys (and real estate agents too!

Bring It On The Field!

Build a foundation of trust within your team! We offer a workshop series that allows your players to build trust and form deeper relationships while practicing their favorite sports together on the field and in your facility. We bring you techniques and strategies that meet your team’s individualized needs and enhance their performance at every game. Be a winner and call Strategic Achievements to start winning today!

About our Founder

Stacey Astachovsky is a recognized award winning innovator with over 20 years of experience within the special needs and neurodiverse arenas. Her main objective is to help the globe become truly accepting and understanding of individuals with intellectual and developmental disorders in all environments of life. When the public realized how critical Mrs. Astachovsky’s services were, she created Strategic Achievements, a company that provides supports and services to all.

Stacey Astachovsky has been identified as an expert in the field of special needs. Her experience has involved directly assisting families through state systems. She has also engineered organizational and program development, conference and workshop development and facilitation, advocacy and guidance to a multitude of medical, educational, governmental and related service providers.

Additional Information!

We offer presentations too! Looking for a SEPTA presenter? Interested in support for your school or congregation? We do it all!

Refer a friend, and receive a $50 credit toward your next session!

Through our expansion of services, we have recently added the ability to assist you in prioritization plans, purging and organizing your home!

Services are offered nationally and internationally!

Check out these testimonials!

“Your help really was a life saver, a total game changer!”

“After putting your suggestions to work, I cannot thank you enough for all the improvements made so far with my family!”

“After everyone I have spoken with so far, you really do have the best approach. Thanks for all of your great help!”

“If it weren’t for you, I would have never known that I could successfully hire and maintain employment of someone with down syndrome as part of my workforce. She’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and a perfect fit!”

“Oh wow, I didn’t know that! Thank you so much for all of Information you provided me. I was able to successfully litigate for my client!”


We provide guidance, services and support to individuals and caretakers of children, adults and families with and without varying diagnoses.


We are an easily accessible resource to you and your clientele for any case and workforce involving special needs and inclusive spaces!


As experts, we go above and beyond to help you be the best attorney for your clients!

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