Stacey Astachovsky

Founder & President

With over two decades of experience as an award-winning innovator and creator, Stacey Astachovsky is a passionate advocate for building cohesion and fostering acceptance. Her unwavering commitment to reframing mindsets has positively impacted many lives.

Stacey’s core mission is to facilitate the transformation of our world into naturally accepting environments for all. Her vision of universal acceptance has guided her every endeavor.

Recognizing the pressing need for her invaluable services, Stacey founded Strategic Achievements, a dynamic company dedicated to providing consultative, educational, team-building, and other supports. Through this venture, she empowers organizations and individuals to embark on their own journeys towards greater success.

Stacey Astachovsky’s work is not just a profession but a heartfelt dedication. Embark on this transformative journey alongside her and unlock your true potential.

Savannah Marinozzi

Director of Family Services & Enrichment Programs

Savannah Marinozzi stands as a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey spanning more than a decade. With hands-on experience and a wealth of expertise, she has made an indelible mark in the field. Savannah has established transformative and regionally recognized programs that have been replicable across the nation. Savannah has an innate ability to create tools that meet the needs of all learners. Her dedication and admiration are evidenced by the ever-growing public recognition. Her advocacy, coupled with innovative initiatives, has solidified her reputation as a driving force for positive change. Through her visionary leadership and unyielding compassion, Savannah Marinozzi continues to shape a brighter future for all.