Stacey Astachovsky

Our Founder

Stacey Astachovsky is a recognized award-winning innovator and creator with over 20+ years of experience building cohesion and inclusion, and reframing mindsets while assisting and advocating for many. Her main objective is to help the globe become a naturally accepting environment for all people in all environments. When the public realized how critical Mrs. Astachovsky’s services were, she created Strategic Achievements, a company that provides consultative, educational, team building supports and additional services to all.

Savannah Marinozzi

Savannah Marinozzi stands as a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey spanning more than a decade. With hands-on experience and a wealth of expertise, she has made an indelible mark in the field. Savannah has established transformative and regionally recognized programs that have been replicable across the nation. Savannah has an innate ability to create tools that meet the needs of all learners. Her dedication and admiration are evidenced by the ever-growing public recognition. Her advocacy, coupled with innovative initiatives, has solidified her reputation as a driving force for positive change. Through her visionary leadership and unyielding compassion, Savannah Marinozzi continues to shape a brighter future for all communities.